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Senin, 02 Mei 2011

My brother's love story ;)

He told we, my mother, my sister and me. He told he have a girlfriend, i said "who the lucky girl? ;)" and he said the name, yeah that girl, the lucky girl is Uswa. He said "she's beautiful, with her hair, so i wanna fly now" lol. Me and my sister just teased him. The love story haven't end guys ;) Today he told "today, i play with her, she's with her bicycle and i with my toy car, she's beautiful today, i wanna fly now" Don't you think guys? The boy, 4 years old, he understand about 'girlfirend' and about 'realitionship' is it normal? lol. Someday he told we "i wanna invited her to go to the 'night market' In there, i wanna fishing, i can get more fish, and i will get mask of power ranger and i will get flowers with pink colours for her" Oh so romantic. I ask 'so how about your fish?' he said "i will burn the fish with Uswa and i wanna eat that fish with her" i ask again 'like dinner?' He said "yeah, like dinner" OMG, mom, your boy, haha. And he said again "someday i wanna invited her again" i said 'where?' He answer "barber shop, i will shave my hair with her" lol My sister and i just laughing and teased him again, my sister said 'from the first time, i hear the boy wanna date him girlfirend on barber shop, how romantic?' haha.

Love story --------> to be continue guys, don't worry ;) lol

So, That's my brother. He's handsome. Is he? xD

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