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Senin, 20 September 2010

My new Boyfriend xD

Hey evereybody, now i'm not single again. I have new boyfriend. His name is Jenderal Lanang Pamungkas. Our anniversary on september 19. And this is picture about both of us.

Is it good? yes, it is xD

ahahaha, Don't be affected what I said earlier. That's not true. He is my brother and he is 3rd years old. Ahaha, and now i'm beeing single.  I haven't found someone who loves me for who i am. Is not time for me to get the people I love and who love me for who i am. But i'm happy, because i'm single and i'm free, yepeeee :D

Jumat, 17 September 2010

Holiday is Over :(

Long holiday this time I just want to spend time with family, only. But not all of my days during the holidays with family. On holiday i just help my mother clean the house because my maid went home, hoaaaaah. But finally my dream come true. On Tuesday my family went to the beach Ancol, there we have fun, playing with water, and you should know that we are to Ancol Park at 7 pm, haha, but it's very enjoyable. We play sand, my brother, my sister, and my mother play the water. It's fun once. But when my brother was sick, we had to go home because, he wasn't feeling good. And I guess my vacation with my family just 1 day, whereas my  weekend is 2 weeks. Huuuft, never mind, the important thing I've spent time with his family one day. And this is a picture where we're at the Ancol beach 

Is it good? xP

Funny xD

Have a nice weekends guys :))