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Selasa, 20 April 2010

For My best Friend, Aidan Clarkson ♥

I'm happy when you come and console me. The one person I found on omegle. The time, when i was sad and broken heart. I told all my sadness, you've try to make me smile again, but it means nothing. I still can't smile but you still try to make me smile. Unfortunately now I can't communication with you. I just can see your face on my blog site. If we can communication again, I want to tell all i feel, all my sorrow, all my pleasures, all my disappointments and all my sadness. But now you're gone. You like to disappear swallowed by the earth. You say you're a boring person, but in my eyes you're a special person. I hope someday we'll meet again. If i meet you again, I will spend my time with you.

Selasa, 13 April 2010

The meaning of the friendship

The friendship was the term that depicted the behaviour of the co-operation and supported each other between two or more the social entity. This article focussed attention in the understanding that was typical in relations between personal. In this understanding, the "friendship" term depicted a relations that involved knowledge, the appreciation and affection. The friend will welcome the presence of his peer and showed loyalty to one another, often through to in altruisme. their appetite is usually similar and possibly met each other, and they enjoyed the activities that were liked by them. They will also be involved in the behaviour that helped mutually, like the exchange of advice and helped mutually in the difficulty.  However for many people, the friendship often not more than the belief that someone or something damaged or hurt them. The friend was the friend in fact has been regarded by us you yourself that really close until knew trivial matters about us. There is also that every friend if everywhere always together, and there is one that is talking that the friend was the friend in liked and the sorrow, but knew the limit where at one time when the friend could the problem, we must allow him to overcome his problem personally so that this friend grows more ripe and independent.